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***2014 Vision Scholarships***

The 2014 Vision Scholarship program offered $63,000 in one-time scholarships to newly admitted, full-time masters or doctoral students in any discipline. The awards will be managed by the receiving institution.  The deadline to apply closed August 15, 2014. Here are the Vision Scholarship recipients:

Heather Boni, Florida State                         Mikhail Tank, Pacifica
Stacy Brooks, Pacifica                                Brian Tracy, Pacifica
Michael Comlish, Pacifica                           Stephen Tumolo, Gonzaga
Jolene Hamilton, Pacifica                             Luis Tentindo, UCLA
Jenner Jones, Pacficia                                 Jessica Williams, Pacifica


***Joseph Campbell & Jean Erdman Scholarship***

The Joseph Campbell & Jean Erdman "Celebrating the Marriage of Mythology & Dance" Scholarship was a one-time scholarship of $5,000 offered to a new or continuing full-time graduate student in the field of dance or choreography.  The scholarship will be distributed over the course of the student's program and managed by the receiving institution. The deadline to apply was August 15, 2014. The Scholarship awardee is:

Lurel Tentindo, UCLA, Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance  


***New Mythos II Grant Awards Announcement***

James Hillman and Archetypal Psychology


"James Hillman had a powerful ability to look at so many aspects of the human experience in startling and uniquely revealing ways.  It was wonderful to see these scholars capture his essence so poignantly and undertake Hillmanian explorations into such new realms."

--Robert D. Wagner, Jr. Ph.D. Chair, Selection committee

Opus Archives and Research Center is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2013 New Mythos II Research Grant: James Hillman and Archetypal Psychology. 


From the 39 initial submissions the final selection committee, comprised of Dr. Robert Hinshaw, Margot McLean-Hillman, Dr. Ginette Paris, Dr. Michael Sipiora and  Dr. Mary Watkins selected 3 finalists who demonstrated exceptional and keenly relevant responses to the guiding question: How can James Hillman’s archetypal perspective help us shed new light on the pressing challenges and inspiring possibilities of our time?


The esteemed committee spent significant time carefully reviewing each grant application and reported exceptional quality and creativity amidst the proposals and the process of choosing finalists was challenging.  Opus wholeheartedly congratulates the grant winners whose projects seek to be integral in the visioning of a New Mythos for our collective experiences.


The New Mythos II Grant Winners


Ipek Burnett - The Impossible Innocence: An Archetypal Inquiry into the American PsycheTo read Ipek's final report click here


Benjamin Gaddes - Less the Act: The Transgressive Erotics and Archetypal Dialectics of Child Sexual Abuse

Dr. Lucy Huskinson - Being Built: Re-Visioning Architectural Design and Urban Planning for Our Existential Needs


The Cooking vessel of the soul takes in everything, everything can become soul; and by taking into its imagination any and all evens, psychic space grows.

James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology


*** Previous Grant Cycles ***

New Mythos Research Grant

Grant period: 2009-2010


It's all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in between stories. The old story, the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it is no longer effective....Our challenge is to create...a new sense of what it means to be human.

Thomas Berry


The old gods are dead or dying and people everywhere are searching, asking: What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this unified earth as of one harmonious being?...The only myth that is going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet and everything on it.

Joseph Campbell

We would like to thank and honor the founding donors
of the New Mythos Grant:

Lynnaea Lumbard

Ron & Stacy Pulice

Robert D. Wagner, Jr.

Elise Collins Shields

2009 Awardees

Click on a name to read their initial research grant reports. Names in red are hyperlinked to the pdf report.


Jacquelyn Jackson - Learning To Be Female:  Forging A Mythos that Transforms Projects of Body to Projects of Soul

Daniel Lentz - The Beginning, An Oratorio

Kwame Scruggs - Myth, Mentoring, Initiation, and the Prima Materia: A Black,    Blacker than Black. Voices of Urban Male Adolescent Youth


Paul Astin - Adolescent Development and its Role in an Emerging Environmental Consciousness

Catherine Svehla - Blisters to Bliss

James Waddell - A New Mythos: Hero Escapes from Prison Earth


David Alderman - The Transparent Myth: Science and the Sentient Universe

Craig Chalquist - Earthrise: Deciphering the Repressed Speech of the World

Glenda Cloughly - The Ethos Epic

Maureen Murdock - A New Mythos for the Heroine’s Journey

Madhavi Nambiar - A Mythos of Change: Mythical Journeying From the Inside Out

Jeanne Schul - The Divine Feminine: Dancing Us into Being

Gina Thomas - The Mythic Enneagram: Examining the Rise and Fall of Type 3 in America


Joseph Campbell Foundation Grants

Grant period: 2006-2007
In this grant cycle, seven grants were awarded to scholars and aspiring scholars for research in the archives. 

You can click on the individual names to read their research grant summaries.

2006 Awardees
Anais Spitzer, College of Santa Fe & Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies
Katherine Davis, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies
Norland Tellez, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies
Ritske Rensma, University of Edinburgh, Religious Studies
Dustin Eaton, University of Iowa, Religious Studies
Nan Savage, Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies
Keiron Le Grice, California Institute of Integral Studies, Philosophy, Cosmology, & Consciousness

Peace and Reconciliation Travel Grants

Grant period: 2012
In this grant cycle, three grants were awarded to scholars conducting research in the areas of peace and reconciliation. 

2012 Awardees

Lizzie Rodrigues

   View Lizzie Rodrigues' fieldwork summary

Linda Ravenswood

   View Linda Ravenswood's fieldwork summary

Liz MacLeod

   View Liz MacLeod's fieldwork summary

2006 Awardees
Aviva Joseph
   View Aviva Joseph's fieldwork summary
   View Aviva Joseph's final fieldwork paper
   View images from Aviva Joseph's fieldwork project

Michelle Clonch
   View Michelle Clonch's fieldwork summary
   View Michelle Clonch's final fieldwork paper
   View images from Michelle Clonch's fieldwork project



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